Discover the collective of visual storytellers partnered across the globe. Supercluster is the collaboration between seriously stellar directors and independent production companies worldwide.

Is it possible to hire in Italy, shoot in Egypt, with a director from Amsterdam? What if elements of shooting a production were effortlessly unbound by geographical limitations? It was this thought that led to the formation of Supercluster. Imagine if the leading independent production companies of the 10 most relevant markets worldwide, would come together, sharing directors, production services, connections, network, PR and much more.

20 Countries. 20 Production Companies. 60 Directors. 1 Global Production Collective. WELCOME TO SUPERCLUSTER.

SUPERCLUSTER film production directors

Here are the first 4 to be kicking it off. Expect 5 more in 2020 and 10 more in 2021. “The sky is the limit” is a thing of the past:

Glitch Paris

Glitch - Paris, France

Meet Glitch, the Parisian production company visually merging the City of Light’s classic style with a taste of roughness. Be it music videos, commercials, virals or branded content, Glitch melds pop culture with it’s eclectic group of directors from Original Kids, Mattia Benetti to Liswaya.

Mr Frank

Amsterdam, Netherlands

At the lowest altitude, below the sea level, is where the cluster was first envisioned. Meet one of the original founders: a high-spec maison of quality films that cuts through the clutter like a lightsaber through butter. And that's an empty promise that they can keep. On board with directors Thomas Nuijten, Rutger van Leeuwen and Danny Griffioen.


North Africa, Middle East and Greece

As the moniker suggests, Good People is a group of good people forming a production company-agency hybrid who understand the anatomy of a good campaign. A slew of awards from Cannes- Lions to D&AD spring from Beirut, Cairo and Athens offices. Directors with distinctive deadpan, absurdist humour and striking visuals include Tahoun, Omar El Zohairy and Shank.

Mother Media - Seoul, South Korea

Drawn from the South Korean k-pop landscape, Seoul-based Mother Media is a film, motion and 3D studio saturated in all that is bright and unexpectedly chic.