Dad Star Sneakers

Golden Goose / Directed By Andrea Calvetti

Introducing the new Dad Star sneakers. A vinyl becomes soundtrack to the stories that resurface in a father's mind at the sight of his old sneakers. Now it's time to pass them on to the next generation.

Golden Goose / Golden Goose Dad Star Campaign Photo
Golden Goose / Golden Goose Photo Campaign
Golden Goose / Golden Goose Campaign Video and Photo
Golden Goose / GG Golden Goose Dad Star
Golden Goose / Dad Star Sneakers
Golden Goose / Dad Star Sneakers
Golden Goose / Dad Star Sneakers


Directed by Andrea Calvetti

Director of Photography Stefano Usberghi

Set Designer Valerio Amadio

Styling Betta Del Bello

Hair Simone Prusso

MakeUp Elena Bettanello

Still Photography Federico Sorrentino

Thanks to Kodak


Coco Ross

and Matt Ross

Golden Goose Team Nicolò Bottarelli, Flaminia D'Onofrio, Enrico Mondelli, Valentina Catalano, Alessandra De Biasi, Giorgia Baroni