COURAGE was founded while on location in Los Angeles, California, in the backyard garden of a sky-blue house in Silver Lake, wrapping an Italian commercial film production in the SoCal sunshine. In a bout of heatstroke, we decided to start our own company, taking COURAGE from our bad ass t-shirts and years of experience worldwide.
Now, we provide a wide range of services. We support our European clients with directors and producers on projects at home, as well as the US and Asia, and our international clients with support for any shoot that requires bids, production services, locations or just consultation in Italy.

Courage Team

Courage services

Production Services
Line Production
Location Scout
Location Management

Film Directors
Assistant Directors
R&D / Rep.
Creative Direction

You live only once. Our producers / directors have seen and handled it all: we've been visited by a shamani in the depths of the amazon, carried a giant turkey across a lavafield in Iceland, buried shivering models under a glacier, freed butterflies in the desert of Palm Springs and couriered boxes on our backs through the streets of Seoul. Wherever your film takes you, COURAGE has a network of crews on standby ready to get to work.

Our current locations and partnerships

Our current locations and partnerships

Milan (headquarter)
Seoul (37thDegree)
New York (37thDegree)

Los Angeles

Courage is also digital

Courage Digital is a full stack digital agency providing creative experiences for our clients. Simply put, we realised that the only way to fully provide the entire scope of a brand’s digital strategy was to marry film, content and digital services. Our client’s needed it, so we delivered. And presto! Courage Digital came to be.

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