Tierra Virgen

Directed by Giovanni Aloi

In a Peru choked by drug trafficking, more and more farmers decide every day to escape the yoke of organized crime by joining cooperatives. Tierra Virgen investigates the life of a farming family who are embarking newly on the path of legality. Nesto, a teenager, lends a hand in his parent's fields, despite wanting to remain with his peers in school. His father Eusebio, a proud and tireless old farmer, is persuaded by his wife Angelica to enter the local cooperative, but, just hidden by a wall of sugarcane, he continues his illicit profession.
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 / Tierra Virgen


Director Giovanni Aloi
Producer Davide Caselli
Writer Nicòlo Galbiati
Photography Andrea Barone
Editing Giovanni Aloi, Andrea Barone
Color Correction Courage Studio
Sound Designer Diego Schiavo
Music Composer


Jose’ Mariano Herrera Garces, Gloria Isabel Pintado Merino, Darwin Yangua Alvarado, Arnulfo Cortes Calle, Jesica Yesenia Neira Huacchillo, Edil Pintado Merino

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