Hold Me Back

Dmeanor / Directed by 37thDegree Collective

Good vibes in Cali with Dmeanor and all our friends. A music video to celebrate friendship and dance, shot in one long take!


Executive Producer Kimbo Kim

Producer Davide Caselli

Choreography Joesar Alva

Dancers Joesar Alva, Syrene Bartolome, Mao Kawakami, Maya KereŇ°, Allan Scheene Jr.

Steadicam Op. Koon

1stAC Hansool Rim

Music Producers Osinachi Nwaneri, Ecobridge, Nahan

Composer Davey Nate, Shane Facchinello, Nahan, Dmeanor

Lyrics Dmeanor, Swings

Recording Engineer Isaac Han, Okiro

Mixing Engineer Hyong Choi, Isaac Han

Master Namoo Kwon

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