Davide Vettori, La Distrazione

Directed by Marco Miraglia

A dark and moody piece in the style of film noir, we follow a troubled man through the night as he wrestles his vices. Ultimately, he meets a woman in white and his final atonement. Starring Benjamin Feitelson and Francine Young.


Director Marco Miraglia

Starring Benjamin Feitelson, Frances Young

Music Davide Vettori feat. Ilenia Volpe

from the album Visione Cosmetica

Voice and Synth Davide Vettori

Second Voice Ilenia Volpe

Violin Nicola Manzan

Production Tommaso Mantelli

Lyrics Davide Vettori

Label Garage Records

Selected at

  • PIVI 2013 Premio Italiano Videoclip Indipendente
  • Dada Saheb Phalke 2014
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